1. Current Activities: Tests and Webpage

    Published: 2018-07-30
    What is going on about AsciiDoc3? First we are working on an advanced test-suite: so you can "in a flash" screen if your new version of asciidoc3.py produces the binary identical output compared with the previous version. Release date is scheduled the first week of Aug '18 (gitlab.com …
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  2. asciidoc3port

    Published: 2018-07-10

    There is a new page on asciidoc3.org: https://asciidoc3.org/asciidoc3port.html

    There you can find information about the process of porting AsciiDoc to AsciiDoc3 (Python3). Not mandatory when using AsciiDoc3 of course, but - as I think - interesting for those, who want understand more about the details of the …

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  3. Tests Change Location

    Published: 2018-07-08

    updated 2018-9-7:

    see AsciiDoc3 moves to GitLab

    ... But if you are interested in the existing and forthcoming (unit-)tests, take a look at GitLab (yes, not GitHub): gitlab.com/asciidoc3/asciidoc3

    This repo contains AsciiDoc3 plus the tests in branch 'test'. So the former test-repo became redundant and was deleted …

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