1. New Release 3.2.0 is in

    Published: 2020-04-16

    The new release is out:

    You’ll see some new features:

    • Full DocBook v5.1 support,

    • DocBook45 and DocBook51 validator (RelaxNG and Schematron included!),

    • Full support for installing via a Windows virtual envronment (venv),

    • Faster than ever,

    To obtain the new version look here

    Keywords: AsciiDoc3 3 …

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  2. Transition to New Release Starts

    Published: 2020-04-14

    Good news right now as the Easter holiday begins: the transition to the new AsciiDoc3 release 3.2.0 starts today. From now on you can download the release candidate on our server. This is not a beta, all of our tests look good - but we want to be sure …

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  3. AsciiDoc(3) standardization process

    Published: 2020-02-16

    The AsciiDoc MarkUp Language has become one of the leading tools for (not only) technical documentation and writing. But - perhaps you wonder at this - there exists no language definition or standardization. To change this, a working group using the Eclipse Foundation Specification Process was initiated, see more info here.

    AsciiDoc3 …

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  4. a2x3.py: Explore the Power

    Published: 2019-12-16

    The repo contains a new file: ./tests/testa2x3.py You guessed it - it contains an easy approach to test (or to explore!) the power of a2x3.py. It shows very fast (using concurrent.futures) the potential of this probably underrated tool: producing god looking (x)html, pdf, text, dvi, ps …

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  5. AsciiDoc3 is under permanent development (and lives forever:-)

    Published: 2019-11-09

    Two recent threads ask the question about the future development of AsciiDoc:
    The first wonders »What is the maintainer’s vision for asciidoc-py?«, the second covers the »Asciidoc specification«. The postings are a little sceptical that the further development of AsciiDoc is assured. No decisive answer was given.
    We can …

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