1. Fixed: Double Title in FOP-generated PDF

    Published: 2019-05-03

    A few bugs have been fixed with the latest release AsciiDoc3-3.1.0. One example: when executing a2x3 -f pdf --fop userguide.txt the output shows the title two times.
    This occurs only when generating PDF with FOP, not dblatex. We have seen this behaviour under both GNU/Linux and …

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  2. Deb and rpm Packages Available AsciiDoc3-3-1-0

    Published: 2019-04-19

    At last, AsciiDoc3 has reached another milestone!

    • Debian package to use with Debian, Ubuntu, Mint and so on …

    • RPM package to use with Fedora, RHEL, centOS, openSUSE …

    Please, do not become desperate: asap there will be a PyPI distribution not only for GNU/Linux and POSIX, but for Windows, too …

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  3. New Version Available AsciiDoc3-3-1-0

    Published: 2019-04-12

    At last, today the new AsciiDoc3-3.1.0 is out!

    • requires Python 3.4 or higher (3.4 will run even though it has reached end of live),

    • this release takes advantage of some changes in the language established since 3.4,

    • these changes make AsciiDoc3 a little bit faster …

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  4. New Release is on the Way

    Published: 2019-02-18

    The next release AsciiDoc3-3.1.0 will be more than just a bugfix:

    • requires Python 3.4 or higher: 3.3 and below have reached end of live,

    • (and 3.4 will in a few weeks),

    • therefore this release takes advantage of some changes in the language established since 3 …

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  5. Another Minor Bug Fixed (AsciiDoc3-3.0.3)

    Published: 2019-02-01

    When you try to generate a "slidy" html page (backend slidy) on Windows systems

    C:\Users\username\userdirectory\doc> py -3 ..\asciidoc3.py -a toc -a icons -n -v --b slidy test.txt

    you may encounter an error:

    asciidoc3: FAILED: unexpected error:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "..\asciidoc3.py …
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