1. Minor Bug Already Fixed (AsciiDoc3-3.0.3)

    Published: 2019-01-21

    When using another language than English you’ll may see in the footer of your HTML-output something like this

    Letzte Änderung 2018-07-11 14:43:09 Mitteleuropäische Sommerzeit

    The Not-Ascii characters are not translated in a proper way. This bug pops up especially under MS-Windows. This is caused (in few …

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  2. New Release AsciiDoc3-3.0.3 available

    Published: 2019-01-07

    Today the new AsciiDoc3-3.0.3 is out! It is about 15% faster than before.

    And we have fixed some bugs: the following message

    /usr/bin/asciidoc3:569: DeprecationWarning: Flags not at the start of the expression '^(?u)[^\\W\\d][-\\w]*$' +
      return re.match(r'^'+NAME_RE+r'$', s) is not …
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  3. Xmas sprint

    Published: 2018-12-14

    The time from this weekend until the beginnig of 2019 there will be our first AsciiDoc3 coding sprint. We’d like to improve/start two things:
    - PyPI (especially Windows-User);
    - a simple GUI.
    Revisit our website soon to check out the progress.

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  4. AsciiDoc3 Downloads are Rising

    Published: 2018-11-03

    The last two weeks we monitored an increasing number of downloads. Since we cannot count the access to GitLab and PyPI by users the real quantity is even greater.
    We see at laest two reasons:
    - AsciiDoc3 is stable, it works simply;
    - AsciiDoc3 uses Python3, probably (in my opinion) at the …

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