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  1. This Blog uses AsciiDoc3

    Published: 2018-10-23

    New Start New Blog

    Welcome everybody to the "new" AsciiDoc3-blog here on The css isn’t very viewy at this time, I confess, but apparently it works… The blog software "getPelican" is powered by Python3 - this was one reason to leave the WordPress driven precursor.

    This Post is …

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  2. AsciiDoc3 debuts on PyPI

    Published: 2018-10-19
    It was a huge effort but now you can test the result by yourself: AsciiDoc3 is available on PyPI to be installed via pip.
    To rule out any imponderables it is tagged as 'beta', but it passes all tests ...
    See here for more detailed information.
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  3. AsciiDoc3 speeds up 15-20% with @functools.lru_cache

    Published: 2018-09-26
    AsciiDoc3 is fast, but it's getting even faster. No tricks needed, just making use of Python's "included batteries". Read more about my tuning of AsciiDoc3's core (Feel free to follow the steps and try yourself!)
    The first step is to gather some information about the behavior of asciidoc3 …
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