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  1. Download Rate of AsciiDoc3

    Published: 2019-08-23

    Some people enquire about that: »How many downloads of AsciiDoc3 do you see on an average day?« Here’s the answer: At least 12. Why »at least«: We have no info from PyPI and many users »do not track«. Twelve is the amount monitored by So, maybe, the …

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  2. Second Update for Roadmap to Asciidoc3-3.1.1

    Published: 2019-08-05

    Hi everybody - here’s a second update regarding the roadmap towards AsciiDoc3-3.1.1. In the previous post I wrote about a bug when using a2x3 with option --dry-run. This behaviour is only seen when the output is chosen as -f epub. And, this bug also comes to pass in …

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  3. Update for Roadmap to Asciidoc3-3.1.1

    Published: 2019-07-27

    Here comes an update for the raodmap towards AsciiDoc3-3.1.1. Support of DocBook5.1 will be included as announced in our previous post.
    Argparse will replace the deprecated optparse in - getopt (which is not deprecated) will remain in
    During our work on these enhancements we …

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  4. Preview of AsciiDoc3-3.1.1: DocBook5.1

    Published: 2019-06-06

    The next version AsciiDoc3-3.1.1 is scheduled for July 19. There will be included one bigger feature for you: (full) support of DocBook5.1! You may choose your backend between well known DocBook4.5 and the up-to-date DocBook5.1 rewritten with RelaxNG. AsciiDoc3 produces the xml-file and validates it …

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