HUGO content with AsciiDoc3

Published: 2024-04-16

HUGO is one of the fastest and most loved CMS - especially for command-line-users and developers. Here’s an easy way to write content with asciidoc3:
Since the use of »asciidoctor« is builtin, you only have to change two little things. First, add »asciidoctor« to your »config.toml«, like so

allow = [(dart-)?sass(-embedded)?$, go$, npx$, postcss$, ^asciidoctor$]

Second, add a symbolic link to your asciidoc3 binary or py-file (su/sudo)
ln --symbolic /home/<path_to_>/ /usr/bin/asciidoctor

That’a all, but don’t forget to add the suffix ».adoc« to your blog content, e.g. »my_blogentry.adoc«.

Keywords: HUGO AsciiDoc3 asciidoc adoc