Where is the Image?

Published: 2022-10-05

This is an annoying situation: You have written a new article with the help of AsciiDoc3 - say article.txt -, and compile it

test@testpc:~$ asciidoc3 article.txt

Everything seems to be ok, no error. But when you check the output article.html with your browser, an image is missing. The place is emtpy or only the caption shows up.
In deed - till now - AsciiDoc3 gives you no hint what went wrong. Perhaps you can find a solution in the source code of article.html but this may be a little tricky.

To find a better and quicker solution we added a little function to asciidoc3.py which may help. Start asciidoc3 with option verbose:

test@testpc:~$ asciidoc3 -v article.txt
test@testpc:~$ asciidoc3: <more lines of messages>
test@testpc:~$ asciidoc3: test.txt: line 15: WARNING! It seems there is no image at /home/user/asciidoc3/images/redsuare.jpg!

So you see a warning and can check the path and the spelling of your image file.
Hope that helps.

Keywords: Image Path Not Found AsciiDoc3 Asciidoc