Text based document generation using Python 3.x

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1. Current version

1.1. Tarball

The current version of AsciiDoc3 is


Day of release: 2019-04-12 (and a few subsequent updates)

Use the *tar.gz when working on POSIX systems like GNU/Linux and the *.zip when using Windows.

1.2. rpm / deb Packages


Day of release: 2019-04-19

1.3. PyPI

AsciiDoc3 can be found at


Day of release: 2019-04-28
This works with POSIX and also with Windows!
Need more information? See here.

2. Release Schedule

  • consecutively: adding/completing documentation, erasing typos etc.

  • consecutively: adding/completing files at

3. Roadmap

Under development:
- DocBook5.x alpha
- GUI - Unittest - Dockerized Version

4. Changelog


5. Other/older versions

These versions are not up-to-date.
Use them only when you know what you are doing!

6. Contact

Please do not hesitate to let me know any qestions and comments/bug reports about AsciiDoc3,
mail to info att (sorry, the contact form was switched off due to spam).